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If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?
-  Vince    Lombardi

The key is not the "will to win" - everybody has that.  It is the will to prepare to win that is important. 
-  Bobby Knight

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands can't hit what you're eyes can't see.  
-  Muhammad Ali

I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid. 
-  Terry    Bradshaw

You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there. 
-  Yogi Berra





Michael Phillips

   Sport:      Basketball 

   School:    Alonso, Plant, Bloomingdale,                    Tampa Bay Tech, Oak Grove,                     Stewart
                    Recently named Basketball                     Coach at Rhea County High                     in Rhea County, Tennessee

   Years:      1986 - Current

   Record:    Total Wins: 334, Losses 218
                    Plant - Wins: 250, Losses                     153
                    Bloomingdale - Wins: 84,                     Losses 65

   Team & Coaching Accomplishments:

     2010-11  F.A.C.A. District 6A Coach of        the Year
     2009-10  Highest Team Grade Point        Average of 3.47 in District 6A
     2008-09  Highest Team Grade Point        Average of 3.34 in Hillsborough        County
       * Western Conference, American            Division Champions
       * Western Conference Coach of  the            Year
       * F.A.C.A. District 5A Coach of the            Year
       * "Bill Poe Foundation for Success"            Program of the Year
       * William Bethel of the Tampa           Tribune Excellence in Coaching           Award                2001-02  
       * District & Western Conference            Champions
       * District Coach of the Year
       * Tampa Tribune Coach of the Year            2000-01   
       * 5A State Final Four
       * Region 3 Champions
       * District 11 Champions
       * Western Conference            Champion
       * Western Conference - Coach of the            Year
       * Tampa Bay Basketball Coaches            Assn. - Team and Coach of the            Year
       * Tampa Tribune & Tampa Bay Times             - All County & All Sun Coast Team              and Coach of the Year 1999-00   
       * "Bill Poe Foundation for Success"             Program of the Year
       * Western Conference Coach of the             Year 1998-99   
       * Tampa Bay Basketball Coaches             Assn. - Coach of the Year            1999-2011
    Coached Five McDonald All-American     Nominee's:
       * Sheldon Cooley - East Tennessee            State Univ.
       * Mike Williams - Univ. of Southern            California
       * Michael Frazier - Univ. of Florida
       * Tyler Azzarelli - Monmouth Univ.
       * Johnnie Grant - Southeastern Univ.

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